• We have multiple devices in our home which are used by everyone, can I set limits by person or only by device?

    Limits are set per device only, whether desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone, television or any device connected to your home network.


  • Can a family member or guest bypass Family Shield?

    No, only the Family Shield Administrator (in your household) has the ability to change “use” restrictions.  This function is password protected.


  • What if a family member unplugs the Family Shield device in an attempt to bypass restrictions?  

    notification message would immediately be sent (email) to the  Administrator informing them Family Shield has been unplugged/disconnected.

    Email Notification

  • What network equipment is required with Family Shield?

    Currently InterBel offers the ReadyNet AC1200MS wireless router.  In the event your current modem/router is not compatible InterBel offers the Plug-n-Play RL-Mini unit which will work on all networks. 

          AC1200MS    RL Mini

  • What is the difference between the ReadyNet AC1200MS wireless router and the Plug-n-Play Mini unit?

    The ReadyNet is a full featured wireless router compatible with Family Shield.  And, the RL Mini is a passive network unit running in the background and is compatible with your existing modem/routers. NOTE: Many of our InterBel customers already have the ReadyNet router and will currently work with Family Shield (no additional hardware is needed).

          AC1200MS    RL Mini

  • Can Family Shield provide time/day based use and restrictions?  

    The Family Shield Administrator (in your household), has the ability to establish “groups” and assign specific “limits” on: time of day, day of week.

    Time Limits  

  • How can I block specific content with Family Shield?

    The Family Shield Administrator (in your household), has the ability to establish “groups” and assign specific “limits” on: specific website filters, general category filters (drugs, porn, gambling, dating, social media, shopping, malware and more).

    Content Limits

  • Will Family Shield allow you to filter specific words when using Google, Bing or another search engine?

    No, it will not do keyword filtering.  But Family Shield does have a Safe Search function which can be turned on and applied to Google and Bing search engines as well as a filtered YouTube restricted mode.

    SafeSearch   YTmode

  • Will Family Shield work outside of my home on our mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops….)?

    Yes, with Family Shield Pro, when used with Android and iOS devices after downloading the Mobile App.


  • Is there a fully restricted Internet access mode with Family Shield?

    There can be if you create a group and select the “block everything” option.


  • What types of groups can be set-up in Family Shield?  

    Example would include: Kids, Teenagers, Adults, Guests and more.  The groups are fully customized and set-up by the Family Shield Administrator (in your home).

    New Group

  • What happens when a friend comes over; Will they have Internet access in my home?

    By default, any new device which connects to your home network, will be put in your Guest group automatically.  NOTE: whatever Guest group limits you have set, will apply.


  • Once a device is placed in one group, how easy is it to move it to another group?

    This can only be done by the Family Shield Administrator (in your home) and is a simple drag and drop move or click on the menu for the device, selecting Change Group, then choosing the group you wish to move the device to.

    Move Group

  • Is it possible to shut-off Internet access to a specific device in my home?

    Yes, Family Shield has an Internet pause/stop which blocks all Internet access to a single or multiple devices (including devices using the mobile app).


  • Can I view the Internet history from all the devices used in my household?

    History can be viewed for all devices which were/are connected to your home network including devices using the mobile app (away from home).




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